Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Worship with Fear and Joy

This is a service of worship instituted by God for His people.  In this service, the Lord renews His covenant with us.  What is a covenant?  A covenant is a solemn bond, sovereignly administered, with attendant blessings and curses.  In this covenant, we are the servants, the bond-servants, and God is the Master, the LORD, the King over all.  He alone and unilaterally dictates the stipulations of the covenant.

This should all sound rather formal to you as you enter into worship – and it is.  You should prepare yourself in a formal way, because you are coming before the King of kings, your King and Your God.  This is why we are instructed to approach this throne of grace with reverence and fear.  In other words, sit up, pay attention, show respect to the One Who has called you.  This isn’t a production for you, a religious entertainment show.  It isn’t about you.

And yet, it is for you.  For this sovereign Lord Who calls you His servant, His slave in fact, also calls you His child – His adopted child, redeemed and purchased by the blood of His only begotten Son.  He says He did this out of His own free will and desire, and delights to call His children to Himself and to enter into this covenant renewal with joy, fellowship, singing, and peace.  This is why you are instructed to approach this throne of grace with great boldness – for you have been accepted fully and completely in the Beloved, the One who died for all of your sins.

Reverence – deep and holy respect, mixed with godly fear.  Boldness – conscious knowledge that you are accepted, loved, delighted over, and blessed beyond comprehension.  This is what you have been summoned to come and renew.  Come and rejoice with trembling, worship Your God with holy fear and joy unspeakable.  Let Him again have His way with you – for He will.

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