Thursday, January 16, 2014

Jesus is Lord All Week

Jesus Christ is Lord and King over all.  He is this Lord’s day and He was this last Lord’s day.  He was Lord and King all week long as well.  There was nothing which occurred this week which took Him by surprise or caused Him any consternation.  Not a single event in your individual life, nor in our city, our nation, or throughout the world and the whole universe.  Jesus Christ is Lord and King over all.

Not only is He the Creator of all things – and not only is He the Redeemer of this sorry world – but He is the Sustainer in the meantime.  Colossians teaches us that Christ is before all things and that in Him all things consist.

That is why you may come to Jesus with all of your sins.  He was there when you sinned; in fact, you were only able to sin because He worked through you – yet in a way that does not allow any blame to be placed upon Him.  You may come to Jesus with all of your sufferings.  He was there when the suffering began, in fact, you are only suffering in that circumstance because He is working through you in that suffering – yet in a way that only will bring good and glory to you and to Him when He is done.  You may come to Him and honestly share all of your concerns and worries.  He already has the future in His hands and He intends to use your prayers and your works, shaped by Him and supplied by Him, to shape and to supply the world with His grace, rule, and reign.

And so we come to worship God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ by the powerful work of the Holy Spirit in us – so that we might be used by God to more greatly manifest that which is already and completely true – Jesus Christ is Lord and King of all.

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