Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Dance of Trinitarian Submission

As Douglas Wilson puts it, in a Unitarian world, authority and submission is a fist fight with a winner and a loser, someone on top and someone beat down.  In a Trinitarian world, authority and submission are a lovely dance.  Press this metaphor out a bit.  Both dancers are submitting to the music around them.  He submits to the music, sacrificing for her by leading her, supporting her, and glorifying her in the dance.  As she submits to his lead (and not to any other dancer on the floor), she follows his left with her right, completing his steps and glorifying his moves.  She must choose carefully to say ‘yes’ to a dancer who will lead her rightly, and she looks foolish if she keeps stopping in the middle of the dance questioning his next move – she must follow him in everything.  But once again, we must end with the husband:  how in the world do you expect her to follow you when you are such a lousy dancer, or when you refuse to follow the music?  Yes, the Lord has commanded her to submit to you; and you must make it a delight to do so.

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