Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Palm Sunday 2013 exhortation

Fittingly, this Palm Sunday, the children sang the meditation for us.  When Jesus went to the temple on Palm Sunday, the religious folk were condemning Him and practicing abominations while the children were singing His praise – praise to the Son of David.

Jesus teaches in a number of places that the kingdom of heaven is made up of children.  Infants and nursing babes are the true priests of Jesus’ temple and they instruct us as to what it means to give fitting praise.

Now, We older folk are invited to join in the praise as well – but we must do so like children.  We must do so like children who believe that Jesus will change everything – and can do so in the here and now.  We must do so as weak people with a strong faith alone and no merit of ourselves.  We must do so with a willingness to simply turn to Him because He is here – without knowing all the answers to everything right now.

We must do so as people who would sing, as these children just sang –
“O blest the land, the city blest, where Christ the Ruler is confessed.  O happy hearts and happy homes to whom this King of triumph comes.  The cloudless Sun of joy He is Who bringeth pure delight and bliss.”

We must come believing that this Jesus can bless our city, bless our land, bless our nation, bless our homes, and bless our hearts with delight in Him forever and no matter what.

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