Monday, April 28, 2014

Let the Little Children Come

This morning I want to address the children – especially all those children who came up to me last Lord’s Day and got an early Easter morning treat from me.  This call to worship is especially for you – so please take a moment and respectfully ask your mom and dad to sit quietly while I speak to you.

Jesus told His disciples to let the little children come to Him, and we believe here at Trinity Church that Jesus meant what He said – and that this service of worship is a special time when the people of God meet with Jesus – which is why we bring you with us into this service.  Part of celebrating with you is doing special little things on special Sundays like giving you the Palm-branch-crosses on Palm Sunday and the chocolate on Easter.

But the elders and your parents want you to grow in your participation in all parts of this service – even though we know that some of it is not easy when you cannot yet read or pay attention for that long.  But here are a couple of quick reminders for you.  There is much to join with us that you can do in worship.  You can stand with us when we stand and sing or pray.  You can shout your AMENs with us at the end of the corporate prayers and at the end of the singing – and you should.  When you shout your AMENs you are saying with all of us to God that you agree, that what we said or prayed or sang is something you are offering with all of us to God.  You can lift up your hands with us at the end of the service – offering yourself to God and opening your hands to receive from God all that He has for you. 

If you are baptized, you can join us at the Lord’s Table and partake of the bread and the wine – so that, along with hearing the Word, you can partake of God’s kindnesses at the Table – and do so as part of the body of Christ.  You must do both – listen to the Word and partake at the Table, by faith.  And faith is a gift of God; it doesn’t come only when you reach a particular size.

If you cannot yet read, or keep up with the psalms or the sermons – listen carefully – listen and see if you can catch a favorite phrase and let your mind think about these things throughout the worship time – and ask your parents later all the questions that you might have about what you heard. 

Finally, everything we do this morning should point you, each one of you, to Jesus Christ – over and over again.  Everything we say, even those things you don’t yet understand, can be summed up simply as this – Jesus loves me, this I know; for the Bible tells me so.  Do you believe?  Welcome, child of the covenant.

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