Wednesday, April 16, 2014

God Would Have Been the Source of Adam's Obedience

"Certainly the focus of the Edenic covenant (Frame's term for "covenant of works" or "covenant of creation") is on what Adam does rather than on God's action as the ground of Adam's blessing or curse.  And certainly whatever blessing Adam received would have been appropriate to his obedience:  he would have deserved the blessing.  But it would be wrong to claim...that had Adam successfully resisted temptation, God would have had nothing to do with it." - Frame, ST, p65.

And this teaches us quite a bit about the work of progressive sanctification and the obedience of the believer today.  We are certainly told to obey, and we are promised discipline and blessings according to our works.  At the same time, we are not to obey outside of Spirit-filled lives.  We are to bear the fruit of the Spirit by means of our indwelling by the Spirit and our participation in that mutual indwelling.

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