Friday, April 4, 2014

Creation Obeys

"Anything God creates is necessarily under his lordship:  under his control, subject to his authority, confronted by his presence...There is no struggle in Genesis 1, as there is in the creation accounts of other nations.  In Genesis 1:3, God simply commands, and the light appears." - Frame, ST , p61

Look around and what do you see?  Creation.  Look around and what do you see?  Obedience.  Light, Darkness, waters and earth, stars and planets, flowers and squirrels.  Obedience.  They exist, they do what they do and not what they don't, out of sheer obedience to the One Who spoke them all into existence.

The beauty of creation is a reflection of obedience to Yahweh and to His universal covenant with creation.  There is no struggle, except for the curse which all creation groans over, the curse because of the fall of the vice-regent who was to operate under God's law over all of that creation.

But Man is being put back and creation is being renewed.  Obedience is growing, manifesting itself here and there in ways it had been lost before.

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