Thursday, August 25, 2016

About to Sing Psalm 29

Many of you do not remember – and many of you were not here, when we took the time to learn to sing this version of Psalm 122.  It was not easy.  We had to work.  But when we, as a congregation together, found ourselves able to sing it, we delighted in it, we delighted in our ability to sing to the LORD with greater skillfulness – and we thought about, I preached about, the meaning of this Psalm.  It is worth considering.  It sings of calling everyone to come here, to the house and gathering of the LORD, to see His beauty and the beauty of His temple of whom we are. 

Now you have heard the choir sing Psalm 29 in a through-composed form.  We have sent you links to listen to it, we have practiced it in numerous Psalm sings.  Here we go.  Another challenging piece.  We will be singing it as a congregation shortly in this service of worship – and God will be listening.

Hope you are up to it.

Seriously, as we venture into singing another Psalm (although we have one version of Psalm 29 that we sing), let me help us all come before the LORD with what this Psalm is declaring.

It commands the world and especially all the mighty ones to give glory to the Lord – to lay down their weapons of unbelief and strife and give themselves to God in humble service and worship.  It declares mighty, violent work of the voice of the LORD in powerful pictures - full of majesty, passing over forests, splitting the tallest cedars and mountains, skipping to the strobe-light of the lightning, and then down into the deserts, terrifying the wildlife and shaking the wilderness.  The voice of the LORD is heard seven times in this Psalm – a number of fullness and completion.  We are singing of the triumphant, salvific work of the Word of God over all nations, over all the earth.  You are about to sing of the victory of God over everything, everyone – to the glory of His name.  Get ready…

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