Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Delight of God

The Peace Offering, of which this meal is the fulfillment, occurred when God partook of the offering along with those who made the offering, in a meal of peace and reconciliation.

One of the things this means is that God is enjoying this meal with you.  We often are reminded that we are partaking of  Jesus, covenantally and by His Spirit, here at this Table.  Maybe sometimes you are not delighting in the meal.  Maybe sometimes you are bored with the meal.  Maybe sometimes you would rather the meal hurry up and be done.

Well consider this.  God is also at this Table, and He is partaking as well.  United to Jesus Christ in His death and resurrection, He is partaking of us.  He is partaking of you.  It is here that He is receiving in token your pledge of your life as a living sacrifice offered up to Him.  And He is always delighting in this, never bored with it, never in a hurry to see it come to an end.  In fact, what He wants is for this meal and all that it signifies, to go on and on all week until the next Lord’s Day when He will sit here with you again.

And so all who are baptized into Christ Jesus are welcome and summoned to this Table.

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