Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Putting Time in Perspective

While vacations and getaways are great, you don’t need them to find peace.  And you don’t need a pilgrimage away from normal life to strengthen your faith.  In fact, it is the very circumstances that God put in your life this week, and the ones that will come in this coming week, these are the faith-building assignments He has given you; He hand-picked each and every one.

But He does give us this first day of the week, this rest at the beginning, to cause us to put Him first and to find ourselves first resting in Him, first devoted to Him, first honestly pleading with Him, before the week goes forth in all its strength.

This is not a time to give God a quick nod before you go off and do your other things, your own things.  This is the time to come before God and offer up to Him everything you have and everything you are in the coming week.

It is also a time to bring to Him with thanksgiving all that He gave you to do this past week, all that you were able to accomplish – and to lay it all at His feet.  We do this ritually through the giving of tithes and offerings.  We also come before Him knowing that we have fallen short and that we need His forgiving mercy to wash us clean before we serve Him here in worship and before we move on into the coming week.  And we will also come and feast upon His Word in transformation and at His Table in deepening fellowship with Him and His people.

This is the work of worship, the work of covenant renewal, the time to honor Him and hear His words of honor upon us.  Come and worship the Lord.

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