Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pro-Life Homes

A few more words on the good work and testimony of many Christians over the last several weeks in revealing the wickedness of Planned Parenthood and the whole abortion industry.  First, may God have mercy and answer our prayers, shut down these human-butchery centers and hold accountable those who have protected them.

Last week we mentioned that it was a time to make war, to stand in protest, and we celebrated that we did just that.  One of the speakers at the rally we hosted in Seattle mentioned that we should make sure that we returned every Saturday, week after week, until our voices were heard.  I believe she was well-intentioned in saying this, but I believe the point is misdirected and I want to encourage you, at least most of you, not to feel as though you have to go and protest day after day and week after week – or that the one particular Saturday was in vain, and that otherwise you didn’t really mean it.

Oh you do mean it.  You love life.  Trinity Church:  You love to bring forth life, to sacrifice yourself for life, and to give yourself to the nurturing, educating, discipling, feeding, and washing dirty clothes for that life.  Sometimes, the best thing we can do to proclaim a pro-life, pro-Jesus, pro-grace and gospel life to the world – is to do the long and hard work of having and raising kids in grace-saturated homes.  And frankly, that takes an incredible amount of time and energy – but it is well spent on the pro-life movement and God is very pleased.

            There are seasons in life.  Some of you need to really take advantage of this time where the social conscience of our nation is at least being pricked.  You should consider helping out at Care Net, writing congressman, and maybe, just maybe, participating, even organizing more rallies.  But some of you, and I would say to our congregation, most of you, are best setting your time to your duties at home.  That is not to turn away from the pro-life movement.  Rather, it is the fruit of the pro-life movement and it will bear more and more fruit for the pro-life movement. 

            Actually, it will bear more and more fruit for the kingdom of God, to which you have been called.  That is your first duty.  And the first manifestation as a community of that duty is right here, right now, before the presence of the Father Almighty in the name of Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Come and worship our God – and watch the world come to Christ, for Christ has come for the world.

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