Monday, August 3, 2015

From Grain to Broken Bread

The bread is the body of Christ – and we are the body of Christ.  The bread is broken and we partake of this broken body.  But at this Table we are the bread for God.  And God has prepared both – the meal for us and the meal for Him – at this glorious Table of Peace and Thanksgiving.

But what must happen to make bread?  The illustration of the Wise Farmer in Isaiah 28 is helpful.  Ground must be plowed, furrows must be cut.  Seed must be planted into the soil, covered, hidden, where death occurs.  Fruit must come forth and then be cut and then threshed and then crushed in order to make flour.

God is threshing His church here at this Table, separating the wheat and chaff in your life.  He is kneading you into dough and baking you in the fire of God.  Then He will take you as bread and break you and give you as bread broken to feed the world.  For you are the body of Christ.

You cannot be bread for the world unless you are crushed.  And you cannot be the wine of gladness unless you are trampled.  Come and welcome to Jesus Christ.  Come and welcome to life from death.

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