Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Memorial to Action

When we come to the Table, it is our Table of Fellowship and Peace with the King of kings, with and for Jesus Christ Himself.

But this is not only a time of peace.  It is a memorials – and memorials were always understood to be times where Israel called upon God to remember them, to bare His arm and fight for them.  In one sense, each Passover meal was a cry for a new Exodus.

When Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper, He called it “His memorial” (Luke 22:19), and so while this meal is in place to remind us of what Jesus has done, it really is also essentially a cry to direct the Father.

What He has done is called on us to call on Him here, in this meal, to see the once-for-all blood shed by His Son for us, to see our situation now, and to act on behalf of His children.  Seeing the blood of the true Lamb, the Father passes over His redeemed children and carries out His judgments against Egypt – against those who would harm His children and the work of His kingdom.  This is another memorial of God’s active sovereignty and His active love.

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