Monday, July 20, 2015

Worship and Rest at Another Place

As Psalm 122 demonstrates, the saints of God always ascend up on the Lord’s Day, up to the holy mountain of God.  Getting away from our regular meeting place can help us to remember that wonderful truth.

Getting away and hanging out in fellowship with one another helps remind us of many things – the unity we enjoy in Jesus Christ and the opportunities that God gives us to keep that unity and grow in that fellowship.  Make time this day after our worship together to get to know brothers and sisters you may not really have met yet – or deepen those relationships that God has already given to you and yours.

But all of those relationships, and all the blessings God has and ever will give you, and all the circumstances, large and small, hard and easy, all of these – find their meaning, their purpose, and your ability to live in and through them – here – in the central and first place of your existence – in the worship of God.

Never lose that center – always reset – always give yourself to the reformation and revival the Lord has for you and for us as a congregation here – in His place, in His time, and in the power of His Holy Spirit.

Come and worship the Lord.

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