Wednesday, July 15, 2015

When the Work is Done

You sit down at a meal, a supper, when the work is done.  And this meal of peace declares that the work is done.  First of all it declares that the finished work of Jesus for you and for the life of the world is done.  Jesus said “it is finished” as His body was broken and His blood shed.  There is no more work to be done, come, sit down and eat.

Second, the work of this worship service is done.  You have been summoned, cleansed, consecrated and changed, you have grown up a bit more in the Lord and in the image of the Son of God.  That work is done and you are summoned to the supper.  Come, sit down and eat – in peace.

Finally, because you will be called to rise today and go out into the world for the work that is prepared for you to walk in, there will come a day where all in Christ will with resurrected bodies like His, sit at the final Wedding Feast of the Lamb.  We will sit with glorious bodies and we will feast like we have never feasted before – and we will hear these words – Well done, good and faithful servant – come and enter into your rest.

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