Friday, January 9, 2015

We Rule in Community

So it is true that the world is ours because the world is Christ's.  We have been raised up in Christ to rule with Him in the heavenlies.  But that rule is not a ruling by individuals, each clamoring to see how much of the Wild West one can claim for himself.

Frame gets this right - 

"There should be among us no spirit of competition or jealousy, but a desire to 'stir up one another to love and good works' (Heb 10:24).
So we practice the faith always in community.  Our brothers and sisters play a vital role in building us up in Christ, and their needs have a special call on our compassion.  As we have a special responsibility to support our families (1 Tim 5:8), so we should use our resources and gifts to support our Christian brothers and sisters (Gal 6:10)." - Frame, ST, p115

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