Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dealing with the Shame of Abortion

One of the problems with abortion being legal these last 42 years, apart from all the blood on our hands, is what we do with the blood on our hands.

Our nation officially tells us that there is no blood on our hands.  Our nation tells us that there is nothing to worry about.  Our nation tells us that any guilt or shame or conviction we feel is illegitimate.  Yeah, right.  Just like that baby was.

I want to say something different – I want to say it to those here who have had an abortion and have never told anyone.  I want to say it openly and publicly to any who would listen and have had an abortion or encouraged a girlfriend, forced a girlfriend, to go and get one.  You feel guilty.  You feel the shame.  You may even feel the conviction – if only for a moment.  Before you turn and harden your heart again – would you hear me out?

The blood of Jesus Christ, the life of Jesus, His death on the cross – it is all for you.  His death on the cross occurred, not only because you did those little sins that no one really worries about but we all commit – bitterness and envy, outbursts of anger and lust, covetousness and filthy language – He died for what you consider “the big ones.”

Why did He die for your sin of murder?  The same reason He died for King David’s sin of adultery and murder.  Because had He not died for our sins, there is no way, no possible way, that we could be saved.  And He has been committed to your salvation since the day He thought of you – which was long before you were ever conceived.

There doesn’t have to be any guilt or shame anymore.  He took it.  Jesus took it.  We stand against abortion because God hates it.  But we stand with you because Jesus Christ died for your sins – and for ours.  There is no reason, no reason that you need to hide your sins from God – you may come – you must come – you must come now – and confess your sins and find forgiveness and healing and hope and renewed promises – in Christ.  Stand with us and with God – He will deliver you.  He loves to do so.

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