Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving in a Dark World

As we conclude our service of worship, we come to the Communion Table, also known as the Eucharist.  Sometimes protestants are afraid to call this the Eucharist because that is what the Roman Catholics call it and we do not believe what they teach about the Eucharist.

But we do believe in the name – Eucharist is what you will do on Thursday this week.  Eucharist is Thanksgiving and so Eucharist is what Christians are to participate in all of their days.  Thanksgiving to God and to His Christ.

Thanksgiving is a testimony in a dark world of the Light that has come.  This Table is a testimony that this is a world not moving towards a funeral but rather towards a great Wedding Feast.  And so Thanksgiving also celebrates all that is coming and is to come.  Come and welcome to Jesus Christ.

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