Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Passover Reminder with Promise

As we come to partake of the elements of Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf, we are certainly reminded of His death for us.  But a memorial, according to the Scripture, is given to the people of God as a means, not primarily for reminding us, but for us to remind God of His covenant faithfulness and promises to us.

The blood from the Lamb at Passover was brushed onto the doorposts of the homes of the faithful, reminding the Angel of the LORD as He came over Egypt to pass over those who had sacrificed the ceremonial lamb.  Then the Angel went on to destroy the firstborn of Egypt.  Well, every Lord’s Day, you will recall, is a day of judgment.  And here, as we partake at the Table, we are reminding the Lord to pass over us in judgment and to go on to judge the world around us – both for our protection as well as for justice AND mercy to reign.

We remind God of the potent power of His Gospel, of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ – and of the promise that His death has and will change the entire world.  We partake at this Table looking for an increase in His government – His rule over all parts of creation.  Come and worship, and remind the LORD.

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