Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hear and Taste

Here, at the Table of the Lord, His people partake of the sufferings of Christ as nourishment for our souls.  Why?  Why are we to commune in the sufferings of Christ?  Because it is here, in participating with Him, that we are shaped to be like Him in this world full of sufferings.  It is here that we receive, by Word and sacrament – in the power of the Holy Spirit – courageous faith.

There was a connection in Isaiah 50 between the ear and the tongue.  The Servant listened to the Word so that He could teach it with His tongue.  Tongues are for tasting as well and this time at the Table moves from ear to tongue as well.  We hear the Word of God, then taste His food (thanks to Peter Leithart for some of these thoughts).

Word and Sacrament.  If you want to be nourished, you have to observe that sequence.  If your spiritual ears are closed, this food will be bitter as death to your tongue.  But if God has opened your ears to His voice, He gives you a tongue so that you taste that the Lord is good.  Come and welcome to Jesus Christ.

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