Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Death and Resurrection

Death and Resurrection.  That is what is proclaimed here at the Table.  We proclaim the Lord’s death and resurrection here at this Table for we partake of our Lord who died and yet Who is alive and well and with us by His Spirit very present, very real, very personal.

We proclaim our own death and resurrection as well.  We proclaim and partake of our union with Christ in His death and our union with Him in His resurrected new life.  We have entered into the first resurrection and that is life in Jesus Christ, a life empowered by Him and all by grace through faith.  It is no longer you but Christ in you which lives.

And we also proclaim our own physical death and resurrection as well.  We renounce our ultimate hope in anything this side of the grave, for we know that in the end, as long as the Lord tarries, our hope is in the second resurrection, the resurrection of our bodies.  And this proclamation is made here at the Table as well.  For every single body in this room will at his or her appointed time be placed like a seed in the ground, and on another day, all of these bodies will be raised at once, in glory, perfected and prepared to be with Jesus – forever.

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