Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Not Merely Inspiring Words

In this religion we call Christianity, it is not enough to be inspired by the words of the Gospel – and this is part of what sets Christianity apart from every other religion and religious system.  It is not enough to simply hear words and contemplate and meditate and be inspired or motivated to change.

We do not come to simply hear words.  We come to hear the Word.  Even more, we come to eat the Word and drink the Word.  We come to participate in the Word and have the Word which was made flesh participate in us.  We come to renew our union and communion in and with and by the Word.

And this is what the Table of the Lord is for.  As Christians, we always have Christ in us – but here we come and renew that union – here we come and corporately confess the life, death, and resurrection of the body of Jesus – and we do so by faith as the body of Jesus.  It is all Christmas and Easter and Pentecost here – by faith – given for You and for the life of the world.

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