Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bring it All But Your Sin

The modern world would tell you that you have to leave your brains at the door if you are really going to come and worship the archaic God we have come to worship.  You will have to leave your brains, your logic, your reason, modern scientific discoveries and such, and just come and play church here for a while.  Then, when you have finished, you can pick those things up again on your way out the door so you can go out into the real world and survive.

But this is just not so; it is not required nor allowed by the Scriptures, and it is not at all necessary.  The Triune God of Scripture is the Creator of all things, including all those discoveries, all that logic, and all that reasoning.  What’s more, He’s the Redeemer of all those things.  In Him alone all those things hold together which is a way of saying in Him alone is the reason the sun rose this morning (or the reason the earth continues to turn at the same rate to produce a sunrise for those of us living here).

Bring everything.  Bring it all.  Come in fully loaded into the worship of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit – nothing bothers Him, nothing is beyond Him.  Bring your brains along with all of your questions and search the Scriptures – but do so with faith or you will find no answers, no help.  Don’t leave your brains, don’t leave your earthly pursuits, your vocation, your hobbies, your leisure activities, all of the blessings and accomplishments, large and small – bring them all before Him.

And don’t leave your concerns either.  Don’t leave your concerns, your questions, your needs, your unanswered prayers, your hurts and troubles, your dreams which have not come true.  Bring all of these with you before the Lord and lay all of them at His feet as well – He is Lord over them all – and He is good.

There is only one thing that you must leave behind  - and this is what the modern world forgets.  You must leave behind your sin.  And you must leave it behind by bringing it out right now and confessing it before Him, repenting and leaving it with Him.  This is what you must do with any unconfessed sin.  And as you do, you will find that you are able to bring everything else before Him with great confidence, with great faith in the God Who loves you.  And He will deal with it all – with everything You bring.

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