Monday, November 4, 2013

Baptism: The Doorway to the Table

A good picture that helps us understand the relationship between the sacrament of baptism and the sacrament of the Lord’s Table is the relationship between the door into your home and the table where your family sups.  In order to come to the table, you have to come through the door and come into the family.

Baptism identifies a person as a covenant family member.  It is the outward means by which God declares through His church that this one is His.  His name is placed upon the one baptized along with all the privileges and responsibilities of being a family member.  One of those privileges is the privilege of coming to the Table, the Table of Christ, the Lord’s Table.  Here we sup with Christ and with the Father’s family.  Here we enjoy the fruits of our peace with Christ – in fact, here we partake of that peace with Christ.  And so, to all who have been baptized, come and welcome to Jesus Christ.

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