Monday, September 9, 2013

Faith and Ritual

All who have been baptized and are able to eat and drink are welcome to this Table.  That is our understanding of the Lord’s Supper.  You do not have to grow up in order to become big enough to eat.  You eat so that you grow up.  However, when we say this, we do not want to encourage an attitude towards a ritual like those who were rebuked throughout the OT, those who merely went through the rituals externally, but without faith and without obedience.

Faith is the key to the ritual, a lively faith that changes how you live, think, and talk.  Faith is the key to those who are blessed in coming to the Table and those who are not.  And so pause, not because you need to doubt your faith, but you need to remind yourself of the faith which has been given to you.  Do you know the Father?  Do you know Him through His Son?  Are you in Christ by faith alone?  Are you in need of Him for your salvation and in order to grow up in that faith.  Then welcome – you are welcome to come and partake.

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