Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Medical Studies and a Failure of Nerve

"The propensity of such studies to induce a "failure of nerve" lies not only in their sheer volume, but also by the way a regressed civilization's focus on pathology and drive for certainty causes them to be formatted in the first place...Studies will constantly conclude that your chances of obtaining a particular disease are three or even five times greater if you eat this or do that.  Even though the numbers of people involved in almost all of these studies are very small, a chronically anxious public mind concerned with certainty extrapolates that proportion out in real numbers to a very large portion of the population." - Friedman, A Failure of Nerve, p 106.

My thought:  How does your relationship with Christ, or with your earthly father, figure into all of these health issues that seem to plague our culture?  These may be far more critical issues with regard to health than how much sugar, coffee, wine, or butter you have consumed.

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